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ALIEN NOSEJOB - Panel Beat 7"

Image of ALIEN NOSEJOB - Panel Beat 7"


New project for Jake from Ausmuteants, Leather Towel, Drug Sweat etc. etc. Jake plays everything on this one. Recorded by Billy from Anti Fade, Mixed by Jake, Mastered by Mikey

Alien Nosejob grew up in the suburbs of NSW. As a kid their time was spent digging ditches and killing bugs near the creek out the back of their parents car detailing business. Alien first started experimenting with music by hitting and scraping the rusted metal of disused panels from old Holdens with sticks and screwdrivers.

After hearing Australian records from the punk era like The Thought Criminals, Psycho Surgeons and Razar, Alien put down the screwdriver, picked up a guitar and migrated to Victoria where, outside of Babeez and News, the punk movement had no edge.

Alien doesn’t want this release to be on a record label or to be sold for any more than it has to. It was written, performed and mixed all by Alien Nosejob. Recorded and Mastered by close friends. In other words it was all done on the cheap and that’s the way it should stay.