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ASTRAL TRAVEL - Body Melt / Povos 7"

Image of ASTRAL TRAVEL - Body Melt / Povos 7"


From MRR:
Amazing post punk girl sound created by an Australian band that crafts powerful, eerie, minor-key melodies that are evocative and other worldy. Truly ominous, atmospheric, driving music that should elicit comparisons to the NEO BOYS and SIOUXIE by a band that I can't wait to hear more from. I feel like most groups that I have heard recently mining this territory have been Xerox copycats or bands that wanna make it and thus make their sound too cheesy. This is urgent, cool and enticing. I want more. (LG)

Latest and second single by this great Perth band. Featuring members of Golden Staph and equally as good. Definately pick this one up. Out on Vertex Records.

Postage: 7"s should be $2 for the first and an extra $1 for each thereafter.
If postage seems more expensive than that when placing an order I'll issue a refund for the remainder.