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DEAD HERO - Seguimos En Pie Demo Tape

Image of DEAD HERO - Seguimos En Pie Demo Tape


SORRY STATE: Demo cassette from this new oi! band out of Bogota, Colombia. Not a lot of music from that country makes its way to the US, so it's really cool to see Discos MMM bringing some of this music to the rest of the world. Now, you'll often find me writing in these (virtual) pages about all of the different sub-sub-genres of oi!, and if you read closely you'll probably know that I tend to like the more melodic stuff. Well, Dead Hero are really melodic... rather than your standard oi! touchstones, Dead Hero's closest reference points are things like the (highly underrated) 2nd Partisans LP, the second Cockney Rejects LP, and maybe even "New Age"-era Blitz. Perhaps it's also the slightly glossy production, but I also feel like this might even have a toe in 90s US street punk... while this is definitely too punk / underground / idiosyncratic to actually be released on TKO Records in the late 90s, I could imagine Dead Hero being a very strong local opener if the Wretched Ones, One Man Army, or the Bodies came to town. So, if the only modern oi! band you listen to is Rixe this might not float your boat, but if you can get down with something as melodic as, say, Generacion Suicida, you will eat this up like candy.