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IMPALERS - Psychedelic Snuttskallar CS

Image of IMPALERS - Psychedelic Snuttskallar CS


SORRY STATE: YES! New Impalers! This summer I was talking to Chris from Impalers when Power Trip played Raleigh, and when I asked him about this release he said it was just kind of an off the cuff thing, that they wanted to have something to sell at NY's Alright fest and they had the idea of writing a long, ridiculous d-beat epic and just kind of put it together really quickly. Well, if this is the sound of Impalers when they aren't really trying that hard then they just punked basically every hardcore band on the planet, because this thing destroys. "Psychedlic Snutskallar" is, of course, the centerpiece, and while the idea of a 12 1/2 minute epic hardcore song kind of sounds ridiculous, it is straight fire and I wouldn't shave a single second. In addition to that gem, you get 5 other new tracks on the b-side, and the first of these, the appropriately-named "Mower," may be the single best song Impalers have written, and that's saying something. So, obviously I love this band... loved the demo, loved the first LP, and this is just as essential as those. Definitely one of the most essential hardcore releases of 2014, and of course highly recommended.

Track listing on this tape follows the original cassette release, so it includes the cover of Agent Orange's Herpes!