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LAKES - Blood Of The Grove LP

Image of LAKES - Blood Of The Grove LP


No Patience Records:
‘Blood of the Grove’ – The fifth full length album from Melbourne’s LAKES. LAKES is the long running musical pursuit of Sean Bailey and whilst originally performed as a solo project, over time Sean has brought an increasing array of instruments and sounds to the works of LAKES resulting in probably his most cohesive and 'full' sounding record to date. Whilst almost all instrumentation on 'Blood of the Grove' is handled by Sean, live he has expanded the group to include members of TAX, ZOND, SPITEHOUSE, TEARGAS, and more.
10 track LP for fans of DEATH IN JUNE, ABOVE THE RUINS, JOY DIVISON, and even groups like AMEBIX, mixing bleak pop with an underlying aggression, delivering stark melodies with understated power. Dark folk meets post punk delivered with military like precision.
Far and away the most realized LAKES offering to date, this beautiful record comes housed in a full colour, matte coated, 20pt jacket with printed inner sleeve on heavy cardstock.
In my opinion the best Australian release of 2013.