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PIG DNA - Control You Fucker #3 7"

Image of PIG DNA - Control You Fucker #3 7"


SS: After a couple of well-regarded demo tapes we finally get a slab of vinyl from this noisy Bay Area hardcore band. This kind of balls-to-wall, nearly-abstract noise punk doesn't really seem to be as in vogue as it was a couple of years ago, and I'm not sure if that's why Pig DNA sound so fresh or if it's just that they're really, really good at it. The guitars are definitely informed by the Kyushu classics (as well as newer stuff like Lebenden Toten) as this is a total noise attack with a weird kind of drifting phase effect over all of the guitars. I think what makes Pig DNA different, though, is that this layer of noise gets put down on a foundation of well-written hardcore songs. The vocalist actually reminds me a little of Jordan from Dark Ages, and the rhythm section definitely has the same kind of snappy hardcore attack, but then there are those total wall of noise guitars... if all of the Confuse-worshipping "myspace crust" bands of a few years ago didn't wear you out on this style of noisecore this is one you'll want to check out as it's definitely a cut above.

Postage: 7"s should be $2 for the first and an extra $1 for each thereafter.
If postage seems more expensive than that when placing an order I'll issue a refund for the remainder.