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RIK AND THE PIGS - Pig Sweat 7"

Image of RIK AND THE PIGS - Pig Sweat 7"


TOTAL PUNK: Right on the heels of the BLACK PANTIES & PATSY 7"s on TOTAL PUNK comes this beast of a record. Rik & The Pigs had a demo tape out earlier this year on Lumpy Records that I absolutely flipped over and I am happy to announce their vinyl debut is with us. The quintessential TOTAL PUNK release and if I was left releasing nothing but Rik & The Pigs records from here on out I'd be one happy dog. Sleazy hook filled punk with shredding guitars, seething snot covered vocals and gnarly as hell. Double A sider for sure. Not for the faint of heart. Sweaty, blown out, raw, and100% TOTAL PUNK!