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S.B.F. - S/T 7"

Image of S.B.F. - S/T 7"


SORRY STATE RECORDS: If you're into the kind of stuff that labels like Lumpy and Neck Chop have been putting out over the past couple of years, this EP by California's S.B.F. should be at or near the top of your list of stuff to buy this month. Featuring members of Socialites and Racecar (whose demo we fawned over a couple of months ago), S.B.F. take the eclectic and occasionally whimsical quality of home-recording projects like the aforementioned bands (as well as similar projects like Janitor Scum or Natural Man and Miss Lady), but infuse it with a very Ramones-influenced, streamlined punk rock quality. What comes out is something very much like the Spits with a drum machine instead of a live drummer, and indeed this recording has a lot of the same things I really love about the Spits, namely the frantic rhythms, killer guitar riffs and the big, melodic vocal hooks. The songwriting is extremely tight and focused, and all four that they deliver here are total bangers. Highly recommended.