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STERILIZED - Chemical Dust 7"
The English may have invented it, but as always, the Americans perfected it. Blazing, brutal, USHC influenced D-Beat from Olympia. 4 songs of in your face P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N. Every record comes in a custom d-beat style sleeve and on illustrious white vinyl.

Debut 7" from USHC warriors Umbilical Cord. Cold, harsh, and dissonant, Umbilical Cord play an eclectic, almost psychedelic brand of punk/HC that will leave your head spinning. Unorthodox guitars, manic drumming, and a front man that spews more than he sings, these four songs prove that innovative and inventive punk and HC are still present in a world full of imitators and spectators. For those who are looking for something a little different in their HC experience, I am incredibly proud to bring the Umbilical Cord 7" to the masses.

Texan powerviolence. Lmited to 150 copies.

RACE MACHINE - They Live, We Sleep 7"
Adelaide powerviolence.

The debut EP from Richmond, VA's ASYLUM delivers six tracks of some of the most devastating and precisely executed hardcore punk you'll hear these days; a brooding hardcore assault powered by the driving rhythm of Motorhead, layered with buzzsaw guitars that bring to mind classic Scandinavian bands, and delivered with the non-stop intensity of Discharge. ASYLUM have grown to become one of the best punk bands going in our city, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have their first vinyl output as the fifth Vinyl Conflict release.

BARGE - No Gain 7"
Richmond, VA's BARGE finally deliver the highly anticipated follow up to their 2012 demo with the raging "NO GAIN E.P.!" Clocking in eight tracks at just under nine minutes (for those of you with short attention spans), this debut EP brings the blistering speed and ferocity of classics like INFEST and NO COMMENT, while laying you out flat with heavy breaks reminiscent of classic early 80's Boston. BARGE's intensity both live and on record are the reason they are one of the best new hardcore bands coming out of RVA these days, and it's about time for everyone else to hear why! This release also marks the beginning of the new and improved, locals-only VINYL CONFLICT LABEL!

Debut EP from Richmond, VA's HARD STRIPES. Following two demos, this 7" EP delivers five tracks of relentless hardcore abuse that's guaranteed to bring out the club swinging, knuckle dragging neanderthal in all of us. Taking cues from mid-to-late 80's NYHC, HARD STRIPES throw down an EP full of ferocious riffage, pummeling breaks, and powerful vocals that command not only attention, but complete submission. Another fine addition to the Richmond Hardcore lineage.

RED DONS - Notes On The Underground 7"
Notes on the Underground" is the newest single from the nomadic musical entity that is RED DONS. Formed in Portland in 2005 by Vocalist/Guitarist Douglas Burns (ex-The Observers), bassist Hajji Husayn, and drummer Richard Joachim, RED DONS have managed to stay quite prolific while being spread across the globe and working with a collective of members and contributors. With releases on Deranged, Taken by Surprise, and Dirtnap Records under their belts, "Notes on the Underground," which has been in the works since 2010, finally sees the light of day. Keeping with the signature formula of their previous releases, RED DONS deliver an outstanding record that draws from many musical elements and influences to create a dark, driving, melodic sound that is distinctly their own

BORN BAD - In The Dark 7"
Bare bones hardcore punk from Winnipeg, Canada. Sounds like Void, Poison Idea, etc. They have member(s) of the (now dead) canadian ragers Under Pressure.

After the highly acclaimed “We Got Ways” album from 2002, this is the last recordingsession they did before disbanding. This was originally intended to be an album, but during the recordingsession the band broke up and these songs were the only ones that survived. And thank god for that! Young Wasteners proves again on this record that they were one of the absolute best punk acts in Denmark. This is definately more diverse than the album, but it still comes across as being very intense and powerful. Indeed a worthy testament for a classic K-Town band.

WATERY LOVE - Two Thrills 7"
Third single from this upper echelon American Band. The A-side is a pounding, piercing Cramps cover; flip it and you get the rambling live favorite "A Condom". Pressed at 33RPM to facilitate Watery Love's lovingly long winded groove. - Brendon Annesley/Negative Guest List

THE BUSINESS - Harry May 7"
Ugly Pop's applies its mastery of the reissue game to the Business's first single. Yeah, "Harry May" is a great terrace chant, but the real gem here is the b-side, "National Insurance Blacklist," which is not only my favorite Business song but easily one of my favorite oi! songs ever as well. It's one of those melodic fist-pumpers with a huge guitar hook, along the lines of the best Cockney Rejects or Cock Sparrer tunes. Seriously, get this!

Five tracks packed with mean, dirty Hardcore from Gent/Belgium. Ex-VOGUE.

Postage: 7"s should be $2 for the first and an extra $1 for each thereafter.
If postage seems more expensive than that when placing an order I'll issue a refund for the remainder.