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Image of SURFACE NOISE - Issue #2


VOICE FROM INSIDE: Punks!! I proudly present SURFACE NOISES ZINE #2 is officially out and I have hard copies in my hands! Similar to #1, this issue includes 56 pages where you can find BORN//DEAD, ABSOLUT, EEL, CRAZY SPIRIT, POIKKEUS, KAFKA, MASSPOLLUTION, SAVAGEHEADS, E.A.T.E.R, RULETA RUSA, HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS, LIFE CHAIN, VAGINORS and since my zine is partly dedicated to punk artworkers you ll see Fat Mad from Belarus , Alex Hair(Death/Traitors, LOTION, Survival, NYC), Eugene Terry from Perdition/Dawn of Humans/Crazy Spirit (who made the cover art by the way) and surely couple of pages with sound junk reviews! This zine is definitely from the punks and for the punks only!!

Ukrainian punk zine. One of the best going!