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TVTV - I'm Trouble 7"


More Wild Japanese KBD punk!

TVTV which is active based in Tokyo, moved to Tokyo 2 years ago before they were based in Mito city. Their sound is affected by The Mad and Freestone with the work in early Killed By Death. They like sounds such as Daily Void, around Sweet Rot Records and Le Face etc. They have 1 demo CD-R released in this year for domestic record store only.

The guitar riff that is an acute angle is characteristic, the play of bass to have a gloomy atmosphere becomes with their sound. Vocals who sings as having been out of order intensely momentarily.

Postage: 7"s should be $2 for the first and an extra $1 for each thereafter.
If postage seems more expensive than that when placing an order I'll issue a refund for the remainder.