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Issue #20
There’s interviews with Link McLennan (The Meanies, Tomorrow People, Sun God Replica), Jonah Falco (Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Lonely Wholesome), and Dave Tice (Buffalo, The Count Bishops).
Looking back, we interview Geelong grind offenders Undinism and Boston Marxists The Proletariat. Looking forward, we catch the latest vibe from Brando’s Island and rock with Miss Destiny. And looking all over the shop, we talk to the incomparable Chris ‘Lobsterman’ Lobb about the 98 albums he’s released so far.
There’s also Part 3 of the Mu Mesons interview, Greasy Belcher predicts the Trumpocalypse, we pay tribute to fallen comrades, plus more stuff as well.

Issue #19
Feature interviews include Jaimie Leonarder (Mu Mesons), Yuta Matsumura (Orion, Oily Boys, M.O.B) and Randolf Reimann (Massappeal, Tralala Blip, Wolf Shield).
We expose sixties alien rock invaders The Mystrys at an RSL bistro, sink a few and take punt on the trots with Newcastle fleabags Dog, and partake in some one-armed banditry with Colin Abrahall of UK82 legends GBH.
We roast Axl Rose a couple of different ways, get an insight into how Martin Bryant’s doing 20 years after the Port Arthur Massacre, and catch up with Herschell Gordon Lewis. We remember Gold Coast thrashers Thrust, delve into the history of singing/dancing conjoined twins Millie & Christine McKoy, review more than 50 new-ish releases, oh, we do so many things.

Issue #18
Sixty-eight pages with ‘UB Goes to Hell’ cover art by Ross Radiation and big interviews with Guy Maddison and Mark Arm from Mudhoney, Bill Posters from Rocks and KK Warslut from Deströyer 666.
We introduce you to your new favourite glam warriors, Masta Gravity, we fight about footy and discuss The Victims with Dave Faulkner, and we talk about the Southeast Asian grindcore scene and filmmaking with Rohan Thomas, director of the DIY documentary The Other Option.
There’s a US tour diary by Perth punks Helta Skelta, a brief history of long-forgot Sydney trio La Sect Rouge, a lesson in concert promotion by Woody McDonald and a look into the career of the fastest midget on wheels. Plus all the usual dumb shit and the routine chat with ‘Godfather of Gore’ Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Issue #17
The usual 68 pages with cover art by teenage demon spawn Angus Reekie and interviews with Kim Salmon, Kitchen’s Floor, Canine, Hydromedusa, The Holy Soul, Michael Crafter and The Bellrays.
It’s got a tour diary by Nic from Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys detailing their recent adventures with Dead Farmers in Japan, we remember the 1979 Star Hotel riot, and celebrate the life of Myrtle Corbin, ‘The Four Legged Girl from Texas’.
There’s also the obligatory reviews and toons and conspiracy theories and Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Issue #11
Sixty-eight pager with cover done by Rohan Harrison. Interviews with Batpiss, Pete Kostic, Phillip H. Anselmo, The Warm Feelings, Chinese Burns Unit, Misfits covers bands and Depression, Eyehategod tour stories, a big essay on The Geeks with JAMES BAKER, a DEAD tour diary, a bit on Hobbs’ Angel of Death, remembering the original Siamese Twins Eng & Chang Bunker, plus part eleven of our never-ending Herschell Gordon Lewis interview.