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ABORTED TORTOISE - Do Not Resuscitate 7"


Image of ABORTED TORTOISE - Do Not Resuscitate 7"

Aborted Tortoise's third release and yet their first 7". This ones definitely got more of a lofi garage vibe than the others, which makes sense considering they recorded this to a cassette four track (are there room for overdubs?). But the production suits this kinda thing perfectly. Reminds me of Gee Tee, Draggs, the Sueves etc. Short quick and fairly apathetic tunes lamenting the loss of adolescence, being broke and being anxious. Also the playing on here, like their live show is impeccable - I've seen these guys more than once reel off a 30 minute set without seemingly missing a note. If you dig the Neck Chop and Goodbye Boozy rosters then this'll be right up your alley.

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