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GAFFER - Dead End Beat LP


Image of GAFFER - Dead End Beat LP

Very limited amount available on colour vinyl

HSR039: After releasing a demo back in 2020 and then heading into hibernation for a few years, only to pop their head out briefly for the occasional show, Perth’s Gaffer drop their debut LP. And it doesn’t disappoint! They’ve churned out twelve tracks of hard-edged punk, post-punk harking back to the scenes of the UK (the mother-land) in the 80s. Bricks, mortar, boots, rain, factory lines, and the pub. However, not a whole lot has changed and so the content of this record is also remarkably modern. It addresses the current crushing stagnation surrounding life, work, and wages today. It’s undeniable: life is tough. We’re all tired, and we’re unsure of the future. But at least we can put back a few drinks and chuck on a record like this. It’s hard to keep up in the modern world, but you get through by the skin of your teeth.

“Piles of ear popping punk rock from inside a locked vault where former members of DiE and Cold Meat have been stewing in their own juices and listening to nothing but The Zeros, Blitz, and Chron Gen. This musical escape is a pummelling bop, dragging all and any good graces through a glorious puddle of fuzz, grit, saturation, and agitation. Of all the possible musical notes you can choose on a song, you’re not gonna wanna miss THESE three chords.” (Jonah Falco)

Recorded: Will 'Whoopa' Hooper at Stable Sound
Mixed and Mastered: Jonah Falco
Artwork: AJ
Layout and Logo: A-Hole

Comes with download code and double sided insert

Split release with DRUNKEN SAILOR RECORDS. If you're outside of Australia order through them

If you want to arrange pickup in Perth choose "Antarctica" as postage option and you won't be charged