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INMATES - Creatures of the Night 7"


Image of INMATES - Creatures of the Night 7"

The world's best hardcore band return!
The INMATES aren't coming till November, but their new record is here NOW. 6 new tracks from America's most ignorant band. Hardcore punk for freaks and fuckups. Very limited copies on random coloured vinyl. Split with NOPATIENCE (named after the H100s song) and NON-COMMERCIAL RECORDS out of Cleveland.

To ship one LP is $9, to ship 2 to 3 is $11 and any amount more than that is $13.
If the shipping seems more expensive than that when placing an order I'll issue a refund for the remainder.
Postage for 7"s is $2 or $3 for lots of up to 5. Any excess in postage will be refunded.