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MYSTIC INANE - Deep Creep 7"


Image of MYSTIC INANE - Deep Creep 7"

SORRY STATE: After two fantastic tapes (the second of which in particular has been one of my favorite tape releases of the past few years), we finally get a vinyl debut from New Orleans' Mystic Inane. If you dug that great second tape this one pretty much picks up right where that left off... it's got a recording that's bright and clear, but with a kind of thin, sharp, and angular guitar sound. A couple of the songs on the tape had kind of an upbeat, quirky, Minutemen-type feel, but this time around Mystic Inane settle into more of a groove, relying less on quirky riffs and more on their charisma and ability to write really stellar hooks. If you're into old, minimal punk like the Urinals or Wire, or even the new London stuff like Personnel, Frau, and Good Throb this is a 7" you definitely want to check out... highly recommended.

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