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NERVE QUAKES - Running / Rewind 7"

Image of NERVE QUAKES - Running / Rewind 7"


Superb post punk from this Perth band. One of the best currently doing this style in Australia, along with BLOODLETTER and RULE OF THIRDS. Bringing together lements of bands such as THE CURE, JOY DIVISION, XMAL DEUTSCHLAND, BELGRADO. These two tracks are exactly what you want from a single - two absolute bangers, - the best NERVE QUAKES have produced so far.

Two new songs following on from their outstanding debut LP last year. Anyone who heard and enjoyed that record will not be disappointed with these new songs as they are in the same style. Effortlessly cool and addictive as hell.

$2 postage for 1 7". $3 for up to 5. Any extra charged at bigcartel checkout will promptly be refunded.