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SORRY STATE: Debut 7" from this new band from North Carolina who have been creating quite a buzz down in Charlotte. Though their live band includes Nick from Brain F≠ / Joint D≠ on guitar, I'm pretty sure main man Bo White records everything himself, though you'd never know it... this sounds meaty and organic in a way that even the best one-man-bands (including, even, Jay Reatard) don't. Bo's obvious talents for multi-instrumentation aside, this is a bangin' EP... you may remember label Negative Jazz Records from earlier releases by Lumpy & the Dumpers and Mystic Inane, and Patois Counselors have a similarly left-of-center quality. However, unlike the other two Negative Jazz bands (so far) there isn't really hardcore in their sound. Instead, their closest sonic cousin is the mid-80s era of the Fall when they were at their poppiest... records like This Nation's Saving Grace and The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall. As all of my regular readers know, I'm a huge Fall head and I'm always eager to hear bands who take direct influence from them. Patois Counselors definitely channel the quirky and unexpected elements of the Fall's sound along with the poppy ones, so it's not as smooth of a listen as, say, Parquet Courts, but I love the grit and the difficult-to-penetrate density. A highly recommended release, particularly if you're already aware of and interested in the aforementioned bands / labels / endeavors.

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