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Image of POLISH - Demo CS

New group out of Melbourne featuring some familiar faces from the band SPOTTING! Exemplifying a like-minded approach to the aforementioned, POLISH producing unnerving tunes with a strong presence, heavy on the synthesizer, great chemistry in the rhythm section, and with vocalist Anita Shao's half spoken half sung vocals keeping a metronome-esque patter over almost robotic melodies.

Presented here are 5 tracks of synth driven, garage rock flavoured post-punk bringing to mind a late 70s San-Fran art school sound, mixed with DEVO,

A great sounding demo, simple but effective in it's delivery. Very interested to hear where the band takes this sound, as there's a lot of room to explore here. Definitely worth your time!

5 track cassette limited to 200 copies. All physical copies come with a download card.

Tapes are $2 to post. $3 for 2 or more. Any extra cost incurred at checkout will be promptly refunded