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Image of PROSPEXX - S/T 12"

4 Tracks Synth Darkwave from Singapore

S.O.D is glad to announce a 2nd Synth-phony on Maxi 12" will be out during the 2nd lockdown!
PROSPEXX see the "dark" during the first lockdown in Singapore, Vanessa & Hafiz have recorded 4 great dancing tracks of Dark Synthwave during this period who deserved to be on Maxi 12" (mastered by Daniel Husayn / North London Bomb Factory).

Debut 12” from this two-person darkwave project from Singapore. When I was first checking out this record, I was bopping along, thinking to myself, “this is some pretty good darkwave.” It’s a lot like Riki, taking the songwriting approach of 80s synth-pop (particularly the emphasis on vocal melody) and giving the dance beats an added sense of heft and toughness. Then the next track started, and I was like “hey, I know this song,” and realized it was a cover of “Secret Police” by the Danish band No Hope for the Kids, done in Prospexx’s darkwave / synth-pop style. I must have played “Secret Police” hundreds of times when the single came out in 2003… it’s one of the best songs of the 00s, even if the lyrics are a little goofy. I hate to make too much of a cover song, but Prospexx got me with that one, and it shows not only their great taste but also their hardcore punk bona fides. The other three tracks are great too, and I’m sure I’d be raving about them even without the cover song. If you’ve been listening to groups like Riki and Fatamorgana, Prospexx hits those same buttons. (Sorry State)