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VIOLENCE CREEPS - Gift of Music / Singles CS


Image of VIOLENCE CREEPS - Gift of Music / Singles CS

Total Punk takes our first foray into tape releasing a cassette collection that compiles the out of print 'Gift of Music' 12" on Total Punk as well as all the early singles and comp tracks. Limited to 150 copies

Gift of Music: Following a string of flexis and a self released 7", Oakland's Violence Creeps are back with a brand new 12" on Total Punk. The Gift Of Music is not a party album and Violence Creeps are not a party band. Six tracks of lurching gnarly punk about isolation, sexual frustration, and rage. Cave man drums, bass skronk, and squelching guitars, all being reluctantly pushed forward by Amber’s commanding growl. Brutal in honesty and tone and filled with top notched hooks. These aren’t songs to be sung along to, these are songs to be shouted out your window. 100% TOTAL PUNK