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LEECHES! - Lords of Dullsville LP

Image of LEECHES! - Lords of Dullsville LP


To me these represent a point in between THE WIPERS and DOUBLE NEGATIVE. If you dig punk influenced by either of these groups then pick this up!

Lords of Dullsville’ is 10 short and furious songs in less than 20 minutes. The band play the songs unbelievably tight, yet border on the edge of meltdown before abruptly ending them 90 seconds after they begin. You’ve got just a slight moment of unexpected silence between songs to gather your thoughts before the next earworm enters the aural canal. Al Smith captured the perfect LEECHES! sound for this record at Bergerk Studios in Perth. Once again, artist and punk rock icon Ray Ahn provides the amazing front cover illustration, as he did on their previous 7” ‘Rott’ (released 2011).

Note: I've had to offset the shipping on these low price items. Which when ordering a few works, but not with 3 or more. However if shipping is more than $14 in total don't worry becasue the remainder (above $14) will be refunded.