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PISS - S/T 7"

Image of PISS - S/T 7"


SORRY STATE: Is piss uglier than shit? It's not a question I really want to spend my time thinking about, that is unless you capitalize those words and make the question about the band's Piss from Berlin and S.H.I.T. from Toronto. Like S.H.I.T., Piss do that thing where they combine the kind of punk that's been coming out of New York for the past several years-- the Toxic State kind of sound--with big and gnarly-sounding d-beat hardcore Framtid (California's Odio also ply a similar trade, but don't have a name that allow me to write as clever of a blurb). To get back to our guiding question, though, Piss are even uglier than S.H.I.T. While the approach is similar, Piss reach new heights of nastiness but just being looser and and uglier than just about anything I can think of. There are even parts where the bass and guitar sound like they're straight up out of tune with one another, and while the effect in unsettling, it's weird and off-kilter in a really rad way. Throw in some super cool artwork (including a beautifully screen printed, three-panel fold-out cover) and you have a record that is well worth adding to your collection.