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PRISON MOAN - Parasite Hole 7"

Image of PRISON MOAN - Parasite Hole 7"


SORRY STATE: Debut 7" from this Cleveland band on the consistently great Negative Jazz label. Prison Moan do fit in well with what Negative Jazz has done so far--particularly Mystic Inane--even if they are a little bit on the heavier end of the spectrum. They have the quirky, pogo-informed beats of a lot of current popular bands (Strutter and Glue come to mind), but they have a much thicker sound, one that seems at least partially inspired by Discharge even if there's nothing d-beat about this. The way that these wild, anarchic lead guitar parts seem to careen out of nowhere and into the mix reminds me quite a bit of Why? as well as some of my favorite moments in the Double Negative discography. All in all it's quite the little slab of forward-thinking hardcore.

Postage: 7"s should be $2 for the first and an extra $1 for each thereafter.
If postage seems more expensive than that when placing an order I'll issue a refund for the remainder.